Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meridian Little Theater is hosting the youth production of Aladdin this week for area school children to attend and this weekend - it is open to the public.  I love going to photograph this event for the upcoming magazine.  I see so many of my friends children and they love being "popular" enough to be in the magazine.  I know - little kids crack me up!  

I won't share the pictures that are going to be in the Feb/March issue but I will share with you two pictures.  

Vashti (15) and Angeline (8) Graham's mom, Sheila, wanted to take a picture with me and the girls.  I use to babysit Vashti way back when and am very happy to see them turning in to beautiful young ladies.  So proud of who they are becoming.

And this is Hannah Mae... the oldest niece.  This is her second MLT play and I do believe she loves every minute of performing.  I spent the morning taking pictures of all the cast members but Terry and I will be going on Sunday afternoon to sit and watch the performance.  From what I saw backstage, it's gonna be a great show!! 

Break a leg, y'all!!!


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