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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love it when the UPS man comes to the house.  I know he is bringing me something I have been looking forward to - well, since the day I ordered it.  No matter how many times he stops in front of my house... I get excited.  He told me today that I'm the only one who greets him at the door before he rings the doorbell.  What can I say, he's been coming down our street, the same time, for four years... so I know when to expect him.  

I have a huge love for Sephora and all their wonderful products.  And for Christmas, I was given a few gift cards to this, my favorite store.  I placed my ordered and waited three business days for this...

which contained this...

My hair is naturally curly and since it is a lot longer than it has ever been... I needed a new product for these luscious locks.  I'm excited that my new curly head product is here (and the other things I ordered) and can't wait to try every thing out. 



  1. sweet! i'm gonna have to try that product now. i love curly hair products;) my staple is Aveda Be Curly. i've been using it for about 10 years. but i always love trying something new! thanks for sharing!

  2. Jen since I have been sick - I have used this product everyday and I LOVE it. Since you've seen me last... my hair has gotten really long. And I have all these layers to deal with the weight and thickness and this product works amazing!!! I have been usually Be Curly but the smell was getting old so - out with the old and in with the new!


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