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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Could we have asked for a more beautiful, warm your soul, kinda Saturday?  It's gorgeous outside y'all and I'm loving E.V.E.R.Y. single minute of it.   

This morning, I "had" to run to Meridian but I didn't mind because I had the sunroof open with XM radio blaring out of the car.  I'm sure the folks who looked over at me at the red lights were thinking, please turn that down, but I couldn't.  I was smiling from ear to ear, singing every note along with my current favorite station, XM 20.  Something about all the songs on there at the moment just light up my face and make me think of spring.

And speaking of spring... you would think it's here.  This, the 29th day of JANUARY, has this house with the windows and doors open.  I'm even doing some "light" spring cleaning, but I'm running in and out of the house enjoying the warmth of the sun.  I can't be shut up on a day like today.  In fact, I'm even blogging outside right now from the bench on the porch.  What a difference a week makes:  last weekend I had my uggs on and this weekend I'm wearing flip flops.  I love our Mississippi weather — ever so unpredictable yet always entertaining.

I just snapped this photo and hope it ignites the light in you and you let it shine!!

Happy Saturday, y'all!!!

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