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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've got to admit, there is no love lost with me and the dentist.  I'm a huge fan of him just like I am the OB/GYN.  Yep, can't stand either one of them.  However, I can usually tolerate both.  

I used the same dentist from 1983 until about 3 years ago when he (Fletcher) retired.  And I will admit, I have some bad teeth.  Let me correct myself, my brother and I BOTH have bad teeth.  They said it was genetics and wanted my parents to have another child to see if their teeth was just as bad, fortunately my parents didn't that idea was too bright.  And in my love/hate relationship with the dentist, they have helped me through in some rough times.  I've had plenty of root canals, crowns, fillings, you name it - it's been done.  And a few months ago, one of my crowns came out.  Not a problem, went to the same dental office (saw the new/old experienced dentist, Scanlon) and had it re-cemented.  And on Monday of this week (to top off my doctors visit for strep and the bad sinus infection), I had a different crown come loose and I had to have it re-cemented today.  However, today's visit didn't go over so smoothly.    

Dr. Scanlon couldn't see me until next week but they knew the tooth needed to be re-cemented.  So they told me they would put me with the newest dentist in the clinic.  And today was the last time she will ever be in my mouth working again.  I know my dental history and can tell you when the last time something was done... I've had so much work done that even I can remember which tooth has had what.  However, she didn't believe me today that that certain tooth had already had a root canal on it and decided that an x-ray was needed.  Of course, I was right and the tooth DID have a root canal procedure a few years ago.  Needless to say, I will not be paying for that x-ray and she will not be handling any of my dental needs in the future.  It's true what they say, sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's gone.  And in this case, it's all about having a good dentist that you can trust.  I've had three good dentists in my life, Fletcher, Holly, and Scanlon.  Thankfully, Scanlon is still practicing and will be the only dentist in my mouth.  Now, let's just hope the crown she re-cemented stays in for a while until I can get in to see him.  

Can anyone here me screaming, "where's the weekend?"

We've made it through Wednesday, y'all!!

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