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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today was a very relaxing day before (what I fear will be) a hectic day, tomorrow.  We enjoyed sleeping in and then going to have family lunch with the Sowell's.  Although the Saints lost, the game was still a good one and was interesting to watch in between cat naps.  

After leaving Terry's parent's house, we went to Books-A-Million to look for a new calendar but instead we found a few other things.  Terry got a 2011 Firearms book and I got a new cookbook.

So excited about this new cookbook. 
The cookbook has recipes from various famous restaurants... the recipes you really want.  And the main reason this book was purchased was for this recipe...

This is one of our favorite dishes at The Cheesecake Factory!!  And this recipe will be the first one tried out of this cookbook.  I can't wait and, no worries, I'll let you know how it turns out and give you the recipe!!


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  1. We LOVE Cheesecake Factory...I wanted to go so badly after the game...but the 2.5 hour wait squashed that! I'll def. look up that cookbook next time I'm at borders or BN


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