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Thursday, January 13, 2011

If you live in the area, at least once a week or more you watch WTOK to get the latest news, weather and sports info.  I may not see the six and ten o'clock news every day but I do try to at least watch one of them.  We may live in a small/medium size town but there is usually a lot of things going on in our area to report about. And it helps when your watching the news to have someone on the air who is a true Southerner with the right amount of high class flare.  

This person came to Meridian while I was living in Jackson and I had the pleasure of meeting her when I moved back.  We became friends in 2008 and have had some wonderful times together.  We are two complete opposites but have the most fun when we get together to talk and cook.  She's a night owl, I go to bed early.  She's a marathon runner, I'm a marathon grocery shopper.  She's a world traveler, I'm a country girl.  Yes, we are two complete opposites but when we come together we have lots to talk about.  

Lindsey came over last night to have dinner with Terry and I to catch up on what all is going on in her life.  It had been a couple of months since we had a chance to sit and enjoy each others company.  And just like all the other times before, we laugh, learn and love it!!  She really is a mess and we love to hear all about her adventures in her personal life and behind the scenes of her job.  You know, the "off the record" stuff.  

So, thanks for the laughs last night Lindsey and we can't wait to do it again, soon!

Our first picture of 2011 together.  Here's to many more!


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