Saturday Road Trip

Saturday, January 15, 2011

 While I do love a good road trip, today's was interesting to say the least.  The day started off like any other lazy Saturday morning... waking up to Terry saying, "are you ready to get up, yet?"  We had a lot planned for this Saturday.  A road trip to Alabama and back in time for an afternoon hunt.  (Which is where he is now, hunting for that big buck.  I'm home sick... the reason we went to Ala.)  

We skipped our weekly homemade Southern Saturday breakfast since we had lunch planned in the "big city" and off we went. After leaving the house, a few miles down the road we come to the sign...
The Alabama line is only a few miles from the house.
And if you read the sign and look around it, you would think they could at least clean up around the sign.  I would be embarrassed to have "beautiful" on the welcome sign when there is trash all around it.

On we go a few miles and we reach the city limits of Lisman, Ala.  However, we see blue lights ahead with two cars stopped.  We figured it was a license check but quickly realized it was not.  Do you know what Monday is?  Of course, it's MLK day.  So, why in the world would you have your MLK parade, TODAY!?!  Better yet, at 10 a.m. in the morning on a major highway.  I won't go into details about the parade to which we saw the entire thing during the thirty minutes of sitting still, in the middle of the road... but I will say, I guess I shouldn't have expected anything less from Lisman, Ala.  

The traffic starts to move again and on we go to our destination... 
We arrive in Butler and go to our first stop which was also the reason for our road trip, Mr. Discount.  I have been having some sinus issues over the past few weeks and nothing has helped.  The only thing that I know has and will help is...

However, you can't buy this over the counter in Mississippi without a prescription.  And while I'm sure your thinking why in the world go to Alabama for this when you can just go to the doctor for the prescription... well, I chose not to go sit in a waiting room with flu, strep and stomach virus victims.  Until today, I have had no other symptoms except a terrible, put you in the bed, kinda sinus headache.  So we decided on Wednesday that if I could make it til the weekend, we would drive over to buy the "miracle drug" in Ala.  After we purchased the meds we made our next stop - Village Jewelry and Gun Shop.  Terry has been looking to add to his already rather large collection of guns and looking for me another pistol.  

All that shopping got us kinda hungry.  And everyone knows where to eat while your in Butler...

We enjoyed a nice, fried lunch over looking the Tombigbee River.

On the way back home, we had a request from one of Terry's customers to stop at the local IGA to pick up some of this...

Apparently, this is also something Mississippi does not sell.  And since he wanted us to pick him up some Yuengling, we picked us up some, too, to see what the big fuss is all about.

What an adventurous trip it was and one we will both still be laughing at tomorrow and probably the next day.  Now, just waiting to hear if Terry gets a deer.  My brother shot an 8-point this morning and said the deer are moving... so I'm hopeful we will be cleaning another deer, tonight!!

Enjoy the rest of this Saturday, y'all!

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