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Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's my blog and I'll complain if I want to — you know why:  because it's my blog, my thoughts and my opinions.  The best part, you, who read my blog, read it because you want to.  You know what I like and because you know what I like to write about, you follow my blog.     

Now to my complaints.  (Which is not about blogs.  I think blogging is the solution!

FACEBOOK, oh how I love facebook.  It's part of my daily routine.  You know stalking the live feed to see who is having a birthday, eating something I might want to try or posting news that I may need to know.  And I love seeing pictures of the snowmen you built on your snow day, your babies first smile or the glorious pictures of your wedding day.  

However, I do NOT want to know that your child has "pooped in the potty 3 times today" or that your "flow is heavier than normal." It's also not the place to post other's business.  Did you ever think that maybe she wouldn't want everyone knowing that she is at "7 cm and still feeling no pain" and "she isn't really getting the feel of REAL childbirth" or that maybe we all have a rather expensive power bill and no we don't feel sorry for your "$385.00 Mississippi Power bill." 

Like I said, I think facebook is a great tool used in socializing and working.  But if you want to put EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. about your child, your job, your relationship, etc. might I suggest getting a blog.  That way the people who ACTUALLY want to read how many times it took you going into their room and comforting them before they fell asleep, can.  And people like me, who love children but think — you shouldn't have curled up in the bed with them every night since they were born... then you wouldn't be going through this — wouldn't have to be subject to reading this same status every night for five nights straight on facebook.  Yes, I think your child has a cute face but no one wants to see the same kind of picture of him in his diaper posted EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Now, you may be thinking, why not delete this person off of my facebook?  Well, I guess I could but then I'd have to deal with getting the notification of them asking to be my friend, again.  (Yes, I have gone through this already and have 37, yes 37, requests right now on facebook for this very reason.)  Even some of them have sent a message along with it asking what happened, did you accidentally delete me?  NO, I didn't, I just got sick of reading your ridiculous statuses every day.  And those also include people cussing constantly.  I have clicked "hide all by ___" on a few people and may go back through the list to do it again.  At least they think we are still "friends" and I don't have to deal with reading "their business" all the time.

Facebook is and can be good thing.  One of my friends posted last night, "be careful what you write on facebook, you never know who you're influencing!!!"  This is very true and I take it to heart.  I try not to post something that I wouldn't want others to endure.

So, if your my friend on facebook, please think about these few simple house rules before posting something on facebook:

• Don't post a status that you will regret in the morning.
• Airing the "dirty laundry" in your relationship isn't appropriate for a status.
• Somethings are better left unsaid.
• Not everyone feels the same that you do so think before you post.

There are plenty more I would love to list but I think you get the idea.  For those of you who use facebook like I do, thanks — I enjoy reading your statuses, viewing your pictures and keeping up with our friendship through this site.  And thank you for not making me want to vomit, every day!


  1. Heh...seems the feeling is spreading. Before you know it, everybody will be as cynical as me.

  2. hilarious! I love this post. and you are RIGHT ON, sister! I agreed with everything and could relate. I, of course, have been victim to not being a "not smart facebook user" in the past. but i hope that is not the case today;)


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