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Monday, January 10, 2011

During the weekends in the country, we cook breakfast and dinner.  (No need for lunch because we wake up late and eat a big breakfast.)  And I have been craving homemade pancakes since Christmas.  I wanted them Christmas morning but there was no time with all the events taking place that day.  So, Saturday morning.... I got my wish.  

Of course, I had to make them myself since Terry said he had no clue how to make them.  But, he was schooled in the process and even made the last two.  And don't you love our DG paper Dixie plates?  It's the only pattern Terry allows in the house.  LOL  (He is a believer in paper plates, plastic silverware and cups.) Hey, saves me from having to wash dishes, I say!!

And last night, we decided on grilled chicken but, I wanted a different marinate.  So, I started pulling stuff out of the cabinets and came up with a D.I.V.I.N.E. marinate for the chicken.

cup of your favorite BBQ (we used Letha's BBQ sauce from Hattiesburg)
cup of Italian dressing
garlic salt
chili powder
crushed red pepper
brown sugar
I didn't measure the last 4... just eyed it.

We let the chicken marinate for one hour before placing the chicken on the grill.  Yes, it was a cold night for Terry to grill but he had a heater blowing on him while he was out there.  I was inside making loaded mashed potatoes, cajun green beans (which I added another ingredient for more heat) and garlic yeast rolls.

Terry's plate... he loves the potatoes so much he had a scoop before dinner was ready.  That's why there are specs of potatoes around the chicken on the plate.  =)

Do you have a great marinate that you think I'd like to try?  If so, let me know and we will try it out!!


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