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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As many of you read on Saturday evening, I was feeling under the weather.  However, Sunday morning, I took a turn for the worst.  The best way I can describe the feeling is hot, boiling lava flowing down my throat eating away at the lining and every tooth in my head aching with a pounding headache.  Sounds painful and awful, right?  Well, trust me, it is and I wouldn't wish this on anyone.  

The one thing I didn't want to do was go sit at the doctor's office yesterday, but since I had a fever and continued to feel terrible... Terry told me it was time to go, so I went and sat in the waiting room with all the other sick folks for 3 hours.  Yep, 8:30 - 11:30.  Then I was finally called back and diagnosed with strep and a bad sinus infection.  After two shots, three prescriptions and advice on taking it easy and "resting" (which I still haven't been able to do) I was on my way.  I went to get my prescriptions filled at the CVS closest to Terry's office and let's just say the service was awful.  I take for granted the nice, attention giving staff at the CVS that I'm use to using.  And after an hour of waiting for them to be filled, I was regretting not driving all the way to the HWY 493 location for my meds.  

My mom was in town at the dentist and she took me to get some soup before I went home to "rest."  And if your seeing a pattern with how my day was going, you can only guess the way the lunch went.  We both ordered soup and salad.  I haven't eaten much over the past couple of days but the doc said I needed to eat to let the medicine do its thing.  The service was slow, my loaded potato soup only had two slices of potato in it and I never did get a refill on the only thing I was concerned about, sweet tea!  The rolls were another problem.  When we got there, they said the rolls were in the oven.  Not a problem, the fresher and hotter, the better.  ONLY we see the female manager on duty help herself to a seat with her lunch and a plate of 6 YES, SIX, rolls!  Now, if we hadn't have been waiting already for 30 minutes on rolls, it wouldn't have been a problem.  BUT, we had been waiting and it was another 10 minutes before we finally got some of the so called "fresh and hot" rolls.  When she brought the ticket, it had a survey on the ticket and little do they know - but my mother plans to give them an ear full.  
Seriously, what has happened to customer service these days!!??

After I got home, one of the shots had kicked in and I couldn't sleep.  Thankfully the pain meds helped with the headache and throat aching so I could sleep some through the night.  Terry was a trooper.  He made sure I was comfortable and was there for me whenever I needed anything.  

I'm happy to report that my fever broke after lunch today and I'm praying that means I'm on the downside of this mess.  I've missed my job these past two days and as much work as I've gotten done at the house, I've still missed two photo shoots and missed seeing our advertisers.  I promise as soon as I'm back to the normal "joy" I'll be around seeing everyone again.  Hopefully back at work tomorrow taking it easy and not getting anyone else, sick.

Hope y'all are having a great week and if you make a trip to O'Charleys anytime soon, I hope your service is much better than ours.  Stay well, y'all!


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  1. Hope you feel better and that you have a better day tomorrow!


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