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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

 Did you know that February is Heart Awareness Month?  

Well, that is why I'm blogging about this near and dear to my heart cause.

My grandfather was taken from me at the early age of 1 by a heart attack during his sleep and for my almost 30 years on this earth, that is one of the things that upsets me the most.  My brother got to enjoy 8 years with him and he has wonderful, fond memories of him.  I only have this picture...

My grandfather holding me (a few days old) and my brother (7).
Wasn't he handsome?  And from what my family tells me, he was the hardest working man in Clarke County.  Not only did he provide for his family by driving an 18-wheeler for Miller Transport but he also made sure that his farm animals were tended to and had a huge garden to help feed his family.  You won't find many men like him today, but I'm thankful that my dad and my brother keep his hard working skills going strong at the farm tending to the cows and making sure our garden is planted and cared for every year.

Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of females?

Heart disease not only affects men but it is the number one killer of females.  Most people like to think that it is some type of cancer and seem to forget about making sure they are heart healthy.  It's important to know your numbers and if you don't know what numbers I'm talking about, you can learn more about being in the know by clicking here.  There is a wealth of information on that site to keep you and the ones you love knowledgeable about heart disease.

Did you know that Friday is National Wear Red Day?

You'll see people across the states wearing red on Friday and 393 is helping the American Heart Association in Jackson to get the word out about heart disease.  By wearing red this Friday, you will have many people buzzing about "why all the red" and because of all the buzzing — people will be learning about living a heart healthy life.  Friday may be the national wear red day but we are asking that you consider wearing red every Friday the month of February.  And if you think you don't have enough clothes that are red, take a look at our style statement photo shoot in the Feb/March issue of 393.  Our advertisers have plenty of cute, stylish clothes in red that will get you noticed during the month!!

Here is a preview of one of the style statement pages....
You can find these looks at Harry Mayer in Meridian. 
When I think about February, I think about love and the symbol of love is a heart.  So remember to know your numbers to be sure that you are around for everyone to continue loving everything that makes you, you!  I hope to see everyone out wearing red during the month. 

Stay heart healthy, y'all!

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