Happy, Happy Birthday

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today, this sweet girl turns SIX!!!

 That's right our niece, Emma Kate, is now six!  Yesterday, we celebrated with her at her birthday party at Pat Gray. 

Both of the girls have had the flu this week and the party wore little Emma Kate out!  But even though she didn't feel the greatest, she had a great birthday party and got all kind of awesome gifts.  

Next week, we get to celebrate with her again at the family birthday party along with her mom who had a birthday last Friday.

Happy Birthday Emma Kate!  We love you!!!


  1. I didn't know Emma Kate was your niece! My niece Jordan is friends with her. Think I saw you coming into the party as I was leaving yesterday. Happy birthday Emma Kate!

  2. Yeah - we were late. Imagine that! lol


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