It's Monday and I need your help!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday morning, enough said, right?  We go about our normal morning routine — the alarm goes off about three of four times before Terry decides he is really getting out of bed.  We snuggle and as soon as he is out of the bed, I roll over to his side.  It's so warm and cozy and smells like him!  It doesn't take me long before I'm right back asleep to only wake up, what seems like, a few minutes later to him kissing me bye before he walks out the door for work.  I grab my iPhone and read my emails (there is always a handful) and this morning there were six.   

A couple were junk mail, one from Terry's mom, one from my mom and two from facebook.  The first fb email was from LB, which the last sentence made me laugh out loud, and the second from Jennifer Gordy to which her message subject was "You Won!"  Hold up, your kidding right, I WON???!!!
Jennifer is the owner and designer of Retro Redone and decided to do a Valentine's Day giveaway.  This was her status on February 1st: 

"Giveaway time! Just reply on this status telling me who you love (doesn't have to be romantic) and you'll be entered to win a free purse of any style and color (shipping is included). I'll be posting an album in a few days with pictures of options. I'll take entries until Sunday 2/6 so your purse will be there in time for Valentine's :) Win it for yourself, your mom, your Valentine, whoever! So, who do you love?"


Hello, that could possibly be the easiest giveaway entry I could ever fill out.  With no hesitation I posted, "... my one and only true love is Terry."  And last night, she assigned all the entries with a number and went to and my status/number WON!!  I can count on one hand how many times I have ever won something in my lifetime and I'm thinking this is only the second time!

Now I need your help!  I can't decide how I want the purse to look.  So, from now until tomorrow evening at 7, I'll be taking your suggestions for how I should get it designed (colors, design, etc.)  Jennifer gave me permission to use her pictures so you can help me decide.
First of all, I picked this style of purse.
She has some smaller ones that I love, I'm just afraid my wallet won't fit in it!  =)
And here are the colors I can choose from:
Remember, I wear mostly black and brown, so I'm not sure I would carry a kiwi green purse.  =)
And these are the designs I can pick from:
I can choose any color combination and print.

Here's what I need from you:  comment with your favorite color combination and the style design.  I will give each and every comment consideration and will let you know my final decision. 

And if your on facebook and want to learn more about Jennifer and Retro Redone, click here.  If your not on facebook and want to see what all she has for sale, click here.


  1. Congratulations!!!! :-)

    As far as picking your purse, if it were me, I would start with the basic color or accent I wear most (black, brown, gray, silver, gold, etc.) and play with it from there.

    Have FUN. :-)

  2. Congrats! I think you should pick a neutral, then punch it up with red, since it's your favorite.

    Design wise, I would lean toward the vertical stripes, but just know, if you got the trucker girl, I would point and laugh at you :)

  3. You should totally get maroon because its MS State!! I like the design of the one pictured on top... it's different. Happy shopping!


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