Plunging the night away

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everyone loves a quiet evening at home in their pjs while catching up with their favorite shows on the DVR , but sharing an evening with friends can turn a quiet evening into quite an adventure — for SURE!  That was the case last night, without a doubt!

Last night had no one wanting to be outdoors.  It was muggy, damp and lets just face it — all of that just makes for one bad hair day.  But with that kinda weather outside, it makes one long for the comfy clothes, ponytail and comforting food.  And that was the case last night for me as I enjoyed being in my comfy clothes with my long locks in a ponytail, chicken spaghetti bubbling in the oven and hearing a knock at the door from a great friend who had the evening to herself, as well!

A girls night can consist of many things:  laughter, food, gossip and most importantly, chocolate.  Which unfortunately there wasn't much of that in the house — except for those two Hershey kisses she found in the in the bottom of the jar.  And with the combination of all those things, there is always something we take away from the night that we will remember for a lifetime.  And last night will leave us both laughing from now until the end.  

Once our tummies were full, we were sitting around gossiping about the latest news and she excused herself for a moment.  I was in the middle of a phone conversation and as soon as I got off the phone, I heard her say, "ummmm, we have a problem."  Being a female and hearing those words from another female... you never know what that problem might be.  But to my surprise the problem was indeed a P-R-O-B-L-E-M!!  The porcelain throne wouldn't flush!

After laughing so much till my side hurt, I went to get something to solve the problem.  (What house doesn't have this little device, right?)  So, I handed her the long wooden handle with the plastic thingamabob attached to the bottom of it — otherwise known as the plunger — and the "problem" was resolved.

Once we stopped laughing, finally, we got to talking about how this "situation" could have been much worse, but glad if it had to happen, that it was with two great friends who can laugh about "plunging the night away" that evening and for many years to come.

Some of the best things in life are the friends that we keep close and the laughter that comes along with them!

It's been a rainy and stormy day and I'm more than excited to see it coming to an end just in time for a wonderful night.  And, can you believe it's February, y'all??!!  Time flies when your having fun!


  1. hahaha! Loved this;) Made me miss a bunch of my girlfriends. Nothing beats spending quality time with girlfriends;)

  2. This has me cracking up. What a funny friend.


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