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Sunday, February 13, 2011

We spent the day with Terry's family today to finish celebrating Emma Kate and Cathy's birthdays.  

(We were suppose to leave last Friday afternoon headed to Ross Bridge for the weekend, but since everyone had the flu last weekend, they moved the family party to this weekend so we canceled our trip.  Family is important to us so we thought it was the right thing to do.  No worries though, we have already rescheduled our B'ham trip and have something wonderful in store for tomorrow.)

To start the celebration, we went to Outback to enjoy an aussie lunch.  And afterward, we went to Terry's parents' house for them to open gifts and have.... CAKE!  And not just any kind of cake...

a Justin Bieber/Princess cake.

The cake was a hit, but as you can see, taking pictures was getting old.  All she wanted to do was to eat cake!

And, of course, with tomorrow being Valentine's Day — the girls also got V-Day goodies.  Terry and I are just happy they did not come back home with us and all that sugar filled candy!!

And speaking of me and Terry...

We wish y'all the happiest Valentine's Day, ever!


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  1. LOVE that cake. haha!!! and ya'll are too cute! Happy Valentine's Day to you both!


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