Budweiser Clydesdales

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We got to spend our lunch today with some famous animals.

The Budweiser Clydesdales

Mitchell Distributing held a media luncheon to get an up close and personal viewing of these magnificent animals.  Before lunch, we got to watch them run, play and love on each other in the arena.  

During our yummy Squealers lunch, Nick (the guy over this hitch) held a Q & A to answer any questions we had about these beautiful "babies."  And believe me, we had a lot of questions.  

Before we started asking away, he had another handler bring up, Dixon.  

  Isn't he beautiful?!?!

OF course, my fellow State fans will love his name!  BTW - Dixon was at the Gator Bowl with his hitch on New Year's Day.  I told Nick that was fitting since every true State fan knows about "our" Dixon!

Dixon is nine years old and weighs 2000, yes, two thousand pounds!  The average age a Clydesdale starts touring with a hitch is around four.  At the age of three, they start training them to see if they are the right horse for a hitching team.  And depending on each individual horse, they usually stay on the hitch team for up to ten years.  (Some more, some less.

Each hitch (there are three total) tours with ten Clydesdales.  They use eight to pull the wagon.  The hitch travels in three massive 18 wheelers.  One carries four, one carries six and one carries the Clydesdales' gear and the wagon.  

  If you want to view these massive, amazing animals in person, come to the Lauderdale County Ag Center off HWY 19 South this Friday from noon til 6 p.m

They will also be at the air show Saturday and Sunday to help celebrate NAS Meridian's 50th celebration!

Thank you Manny, for asking us to come out today.  We had a great time and enjoyed learning more about the Budweiser Clydesdales!  

Hope everyone comes out to see them Friday and this weekend at the air show!!


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  1. Beautiful! I saw them years ago when they were in M-Town. Amazing animals.


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