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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my job?  Well, here is another example and I'm pretty sure you're going to get a kick out of this! 

Today, we made the trip back up to Philly to see our wonderful advertisers and for me to introduce them to our newest sales rep, Billy.  (Their previous rep took on another territory with us.)  I love getting to show our newest reps the amazing products our advertisers sell.  And Philadelphia has some great boutiques that offer up some "unique" things.  And no trip is complete without some of this.

One of our stops today was Oddlee Unik.  

And they offer a lot of "unik" items, but this is by far one of their best and funniest items.

Yes, you're reading right — that says, "HEAVY DOODY" and yes, it is for what your thinking.  

But, if you still haven't gotten the gist — maybe this will help.

Because, "Shhh" does happen.

Some background info... In August of 2009, Terry and I went to visit some friends of ours in Birmingham.  They took us to Homewood to shop and I happened to pick up one of the original bottles of poo-pourri.  Before I could ask what it was, TVD and Jennifer started raving about it.  So of course, we had to buy a bottle and see what all the fuss was about it.  Since then, we have bought two more —  one was "trap a crap" (a camo, manly spray) and the other was one like the original bottle we bought in Bham... gave it as a gag gift this past Christmas.  (Try not to laugh too hard as you read the directions I'm about to give for this product."Spritz the Bowl Before you Go and No One Else Will Ever Know."  No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, spray one or two of the poo-pourri on the water of the throne you're about to sit on and it creates a film on the water and then it does what it says it does! 

And as of today, we have the newest bottle/flavor — Deja Poo.

Small Bottle $9.95
And it's companion — for our upcoming trip.

Travel Spray $5.00
The newest scents are much better than the originals they came out with a couple of years ago.  They still make them, but the ones I took pictures of today (yes, I did smell all of them and then took pictures for you to see) are the ones I would suggest "trying" out!

Not only does this product work, it makes for great conversation and gag gifts!
Your home won't be the same without it!!
Stop in at Oddlee Unik or visit their website by clicking here.

Happy shopping, y'all!  I can't wait to inform you on the next must have find I run across!


  1. I wish I could be one of your sales reps!

  2. Angela, I wish you could move back to Mdn so you could be one! But, I'm still excited we get to come visit you in NOLA!!

  3. those are hilarious! i'd love to run across something like that in a store and i'd buy it, for novelty's sake if nothing else!

  4. Thanks Joy, we enjoyed your visit. Please come back to see us soon! Our Poo-Pourri items are available in store, on the website, or available for phone orders at 601-656-8428!


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