It's Spring Fever

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

 Here lately, I've gotten a little spring fever.  Not that today's weather is helping in this matter since it is raining and chilly out, but spring is around the corner.  And all this rain will help all the beautiful flowers grow and make the grass green and vibrant.  

This weekend marks daylight savings time which means the days will be longer and the nights shorter.  The neighborhood grills will be cranked up and most meals will be had outside on the patios.  I can't wait for us to do the same.  And with the the neighbors grilling, it brings some of the best smells of spring.  Not only the food aroma, but also the smell of flowers.  

And since Fat Tuesday is now over, I took down the mardi gras wreath and put up my spring wreath.  

Abby made this wreath for me last year, but with the wear and tear of the elements — it needed some sprucing up this year.  So the faded ribbon was removed and the pastel pink mesh (from Lauderdale County Farm Supply) was added.  

I love gerber daises and these look fresh and pop in the sea of pinks and greens.

The updated wreath has added the perfect touch to the front door.  I hope spring knows that I'm ready for it!

While I love my black currant and red currant candles, since spring is in the air it was time for a new candle.

My aunt bought me this "flavor" candle for Christmas a few years ago.  It's fragrance made the house smell so light and sweet.  When I walked into the Lauderdale County Farm Supply Gift Shop, I saw this candle and had to purchase it to smell up the house, again.  Thanks again Aunt Beth for introducing me to this yummy smelling candle a few Christmas' ago.  It was the perfect gift then and it is the perfect candle for this season, now!!

Happy early spring, y'all!!


  1. I have the same candle/same scent and I love it. I need a spring wreath for my house, any ideas because I am not crafty at all nor do I want to spend tons of money.

  2. I would suggest going to Lauderdale Coop, ask for Tommy and tell him how much your wanting to spend. (The Madri Gras wreath they did was $35 and that was how much I told them I wanted to spend.) They have some cute things to put in a Spring wreath: mesh, flowers, etc. and I know they would do you something great. If you go, tell them I sent ya! If you are wanting to do something yourself, I would take a trip to Hobby Lobby. There is so much to work with there and they are ALWAYS having a sale! =)


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