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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I really do love my job.  And these past couple of weeks have had me running in every direction, but I love it.  In the April/May issue, we are having a prom guide.  So, for the past two days, I've been hauling around prom dresses for photo shoots.  They have ranged in price from $2600 to $300 and they are all amazing to look at.  Some are poofy, some are short, some are long, etc.

Today's dresses came from MiMi's Bridal in Laurel.  After the shoot, it was time to drive them back to their shop.  On my way to Laurel, I talked to Abby part of the way and we got to talking about a project I'm working on and where I could find some of the materials that I'm looking for.  She suggested Hobby Lobby and that they had one in Hattiesburg.  And since I was already so close to Hattiesburg and have been working like a dog all week, I decided to make the short run to the next town to get what I have been needing.  But, when I asked her where it was located, she informed me that you can't miss it.  Why?  Because it's right behind Krispy Kreme!!!  Now, answer me this:  who turns down Krispy Kreme Doughnuts?  Ummm, not me!

BTW - I have NEVER been inside a Krispy Kreme until today.  It was amazing to see how it all works.  Definitely something to see if you haven't.

So, I decided to bring back some.  I dropped some off at Terry's office, gave Abby a dozen and took some to Terry's parents.  (Today was their anniversary!) That left me with a dozen and since my neighbor is 37 weeks prego I took her some of mine.  

Now, are you ready to drool? 

I had two for dinner tonight and all I can say is, OH. MY. WORD!!!



  1. I LOVE Krispy Kreme! BUT, I don't stop when the "hot now" sign is on. Weird, I know, but I can't stand hot doughnuts.

  2. I went into a KK store down in Florida once and got a Key Lime doughnut (yeah, usually I'm not big on new things, but ya only live once, right?). It was heavenly, just heavenly.

    Now I'm hungry. Thanks Joy.

  3. One of my favorite things about visiting my sister in Hburg!


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