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Monday, March 28, 2011

Friday, I got a call from our out of town guests telling me what they had found at our local Hudsons.  When she said "Hudsons" I was immediately turned off.  Why?  Because I'm not a huge fan of that store.  As a matter of fact, I can count on one hand how many times I've been in the store.  

However, when she mentioned what they just started pricing — I was all ears!  She described her view as "Sephora, but CHEAP!"  Now, if you know how much I love Sephora, you know how intrigued I was!  Only problem was we had an event that evening and there was no way I could get down there to see all the goods.  

Driving to the air show on Saturday, she started telling me everything she found and I knew I had to go check it all out.  So, after the air show, we left the guys at home and drove on over to my least favorite store in Meridian, Hudsons.  I guess I should explain why I'm not a fan of the store.  First of all, it has a smell and I get migraines from certain smells.  Second, you have to dig.  And digging usually means your gonna get dirty.  I always feel like I need a shower after I leave, and as soon as I'm gone, that is the first thing I do.  Third, by the time I get there, all the good stuff is usually gone.  

But, to my surprise Saturday evening, they still had a good bit of the facial supplies left!  I dug and dug and dug and found my favorites that I normally pay $28 dollars.... for $1.99!  A steal I tell you.  Now, you know how picky I am, so every single item I bought either still had the seal on it or you could tell it had NEVER been used.  I'm not a nasty nice, but I do think it's nasty to use others lipsticks/makeup that you're not sure who's germs have been on it!

So are you ready to see everything I got for $20 and some change???
My Urban Decay loot:  setting spray, eye liner, two lipsticks & two eye creams.
My Lancome loot:  creme cleanser and two lipsticks.
Smashbox all over eye brush
Pretty good considering all of this would have been over $200.

This time it was all worth getting a little dirty and dealing with the accompanying headache! 



  1. TheGirlfriend often tells me that I shouldn't be so uppity about places like Hudson's. I tell her I'm not uppity, I'm just lazy. I'll shop clearance wracks all day long, but I don't like picking through filth.

    It really takes professionals (like my aunt) to get to "the good stuff" in places like Hudson's. And I say more power to 'em!

  2. Jealous! The Dirt Cheap in Quitman is pretty good (my mom finds great stuff there all the time), but I just can't stand the smell either.

    But for makeup like that, I could probably be convinced!

  3. I am a lover of Lancome, but not of the price. Thank you, I will be checking it out today.

  4. I agree about the smell. I think it's mold! Sho did like all my Ann Taylor Loft I bout at 90% off, though. I probably wouldn't have had the patience to dig for the cosmetics!

  5. gotta agree-I don't like HUDSONS or DIRT CHEAP either-they do smell and it just seems sooo junky in there-can't ever find anything when I go but my nephews are LUCKY DUCKS-they are always finding good deals---took zach shopping with me there at xmas because I heard they had a certain item and of course as usual couldn't find it--and zach LOL he kept saying LOUDLY "mom,this place is messy,and it stinks!" lol gotta love my truthful child....


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