Monday morning surprise

Monday, March 14, 2011

While unlocking the door to my office this morning, I noticed a few pieces of mail stuck underneath the door and something leaning against it...
 Madison, a Philadelphia native, stopped by to have a chat with me late last week, but unfortunately I was out of the office when she dropped in.  However, she did leave me her CD to listen to.  After popping her CD in my laptop this morning, I put it on repeat — why, because I couldn't get enough of it.  I can tell you that the first track, "Better" is my favorite.  It has a great beat, great lyrics and best of all — she wrote it!   If you want your very own copy of her CD, you can purchase it at The Potting Shed in Philadelphia or you can click here to purchase her songs on itunes.  And just for you, my bloggy friends — Madison is giving away a free copy of her CD to one of you who comments on this post.  I'll let you know at the end of the week who the winner is!   
A little background information on Madison...

She began singing at the early age of three and shortly after, started winning talent shows while in elementary school.  You might remember her from a few of the Jimmie Rodgers talent shows.  And even at an early age, she knew after visiting Nashville that she wanted a career as a country music recording artist. She is now a senior at Belmont University and when she is not in class she is working on writing new music and singing her heart out.  Madison has also been selected to perform in Belmont University's 2011 Country Showcase, an annual event that highlights four of Belmont's most talented up-and-coming country music artists.

Remember, to be eligible to win the CD you must comment on this post.  And if you have a minute, check out her website by clicking here.

Madison, I wish you the best and can't wait for everyone to read more about you in our June/July issue of 393 Magazine.  Nothing makes me happier than hearing about a hometown girl making it big!



  1. you must choose me!! i remember watching her in MJM not too long ago!! Jon martin is a mutual friend of ours- he's from philly and was her youth minister I'm pretty sure!

  2. Ok, I'm commenting :)

    and now I'm going to iTunes to check her out! Thank you for sharing, I love new music and can't wait to listen.

  3. I heard her on WOKK a few weeks ago and then last week when they had her on the air. So refreshing to hear of a local talent who is doing what she loves her own way and relying on her own talents and ambition to get her music out there. Very inspiring!

  4. I want it!! I have heard so much about her! Awesome that she writes her own music too!

  5. Madison rocks!! I've enjoyed listening to her since she was young....I remember when she use to sing at our church (her grandparents made sure of that) and she was so little you would have to stand up and see her. I also remember the "boys" in our cabin again when she was small paying her a dollar a song to sing" We are all proud of you Madison....


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