Our weekend getaway, day one

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What an amazing, beautiful weekend!  We headed out of Meridian after lunch on Friday over to one of our favorite little getaway places...

Ross Bridge Resort in Ala.

This was our third time to have a little getaway time here and this time didn't disappoint, either.  Even though you are only a few hours away from home, you feel like your in another country while you are there and that's what makes us return again and again.  

Our beautiful room.

After checking in and getting changed for our dinner reservations at Shula's, we headed out of the resort to do a little shopping at the Galleria.  Which lead to this purchase...

My new plantar fasciitis approved shoes.  

I "now" love them.  The look of them took the most getting use to because I wasn't sure about black and silver tennis shoes, but after wearing them for awhile now, and getting many compliments on them — I love them.  It took some convincing at first, but they make my poor hurting feet feel great when I'm wearing them.  They were ex-pen-sive so they better help my aching feet! 

And after that purchase, we met up with two of our Bham friends for dinner at...


Their steak menu is on a signed football from Don Shula.  While deciding what to order, I sipped on an Upside Down Pineapple Cake Martini.  If ever was a liquid form of that cake, that drink would taste just like it!  I ended up having the petite filet and it was cooked perfectly with a double baked potato.  Ahh, I can still remember the taste.  Divine!!

It was a great first day during our little getaway.  Stay tuned for the blog post on day two!!  Hope y'all are having a great week!!


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  1. you guys have the most exotic and exciting life! i want to be you and Terry!!! how much fun! i had no idea that place existed but as soon as i catch a boyfriend, you can best be sure we will be heading there! ha! love you girl!


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