We are a different breed

Monday, March 7, 2011

What am I talking about?  I'm talking about females.  That's right, we females are a different breed.  We are human, just like males (well most of them anyway), but we tend to think about things differently than the male figures.  First of all, let me throw this our there — I have plenty of male friends and the love of my life is a male (of course).  And, since I'm a female, I feel I know a good bit about what I'm fixin (yes, fixin) to talk about.

 As females, we tend to over think things.  We will analyze something to death, but it's in our nature.  We are planners, while it might be March, we are already thinking about May and June.  We love hosting a great party and will pretty much kill ourselves getting the house clean and everything ready.  We think the house needs to be spotless before leaving on vacation and we pack everything but the kitchen sink to take with us.  (Hey, you never know what you may or may not need.) We love our friends and we love our family, and only we can talk about them in good ways or bad.  We will talk about ourselves and how our backside might have grown a little over the years, but we better not hear you breathing a word of this.  We are females, we are human, we make mistakes, but we also are very tenderhearted.  Mess with us and you've just committed one of the greatest sins known to man.

We have weeks where chocolate really does solve all of our problems and being a couch potato is a hobby.  We love the frilly things in life. Yes, it may take us a few minutes longer to get ready than men, but if you had a love obsession with Sephora like most of us, you'd take that long getting ready, too.  Sometimes a girl talk is the only thing to make it better, but I will give credit where credit is due — nothing makes me feel safer than being pulled close by my love and him holding me tight.  Action packed movies are great, but what's wrong with a little romance?  Yes, we know it's fiction, but hey, sometimes it really does move us to tears.  It's all about the give and take.

I'm so thankful God made man and woman.  Life wouldn't be near as interesting if we were all one or the other, now would it?   

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