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Monday, April 4, 2011

I was asked this weekend for more information about Angel Court Jewels and I couldn't be happier to let you all in on this wonderful business Courtney Taylor and Angela Burgess have started and how it has grown in to what it is today — success!!

Back in August, we interviewed our local girl Courtney Taylor and her partner Angela Burgess to get the down low on Angel Court.

Some of their jewels... photo by Wayne Rawson and property of 393 Magazine
"From big city to hometown, from the sky to accessories, designer Courtney Taylor and her partner Angela Burgess stay busy with their thriving business Angel Court Jewelry.

Taylor was born and raised in Meridian, graduating from Meridian High in 1992. She later took a job as a flight attendant for Delta, and after ten years of flying high, she decided to move back home and start working her craft.

"I've always been kind of artsy, so it was just a hobby," Taylor said. "When I moved back here, I met my business partner Angela Burgess playing tennis. We were both treasure hunters — we liked to antique. We started doing that, and she started selling the jewelry that I was making out of natural stones for me."

Burgess is not a Meridian native, but she has spent her fair share of time here with her husband who was stationed at NAS Meridian. After her random meeting with Taylor at a tennis lesson, their friendship formed and grew with their common love for antiques. She said that the business part of the jewelry was something they lucked into.

"We just happened to be out scouring for treasures, and we found this huge box of tangles of broken up jewelry," Burgess said. "We dumped it out on the driveway and as we were sifting through it, ideas popped up."

Taylor took the seemingly worthless metals and wove them into beautiful pieces of unique jewelry. Burgess recalled her reaction: "That's just money sitting there. I can sell this — I know I can sell it so let's do it." All of the Angel Court pieces are made out of vintage items.

Seven years later, their hard work has payed off. Through contacts and friends made at trade shows, they have had their jewelry featured on American Idol, a Lucky Jean ad campaign and a Hinder music video and album cover just to name a few. People have fallen in love with the style of Angel Court Jewelry and have requested to use it in their own lines of work including Papa Roach, Tommy Lee and a few actors from the movie Dead of Night.

"It's just a waterfall and you get weaved into this network of people," Burgess said. "They always need things yesterday."

The waves have come crashing down, but smooth sailing is never as exciting. Hoping to expand in the future, Taylor and Burgess keep busy creating, hunting, selling and simply making good contacts."

You might remember these two finalists from the last season of American Idol.  They both wore Angel Court Jewels on the show, along with the other finalists! (Photos from Angel Court Jewels)

Don't miss this season of American Idol on FOX.  They shipped off more jewels to the American Idol set last week and Paul has already been seen wearing some of their jewels!!
Courtney with some of the jewels she designed... photo by Wayne Rawson and property of 393 Magazine
And if designing jewels didn't keep them busy enough, in 2011, Angel Court started a new line called Angel Court Home.

I'm the proud owner of two of Angel Court Jewels necklaces.  They are both unique and beautiful and I get countless compliments on them. 

Take a look at some of their designs by visiting their website, here.
Meridian is proud to have wonderful, talented people like Courtney Taylor living here!!



  1. I love jewelry! You can never have too much!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I used to live in both Diamondhead, MS and Gulfport, MS so I love seeing successful ventures from MS!

    Following you now!

  2. How creative they both are! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am now your newest follower

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful blog post and all of your support.



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