Fun in the kitchen

Sunday, April 10, 2011

 We were suppose to have this meal last night, but we ended up going out to celebrate my granny's husband's birthday at the Family Fish Camp.  And seriously, who is going to turn down eating at the fish camp?  So, last night's menu became tonight's menu.

Clockwise:  bowl of cheese stuffed pasta, italian herb grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, cajun green beans, roasted carrots and sauted mushrooms.

A divine meal for this lovely spring (who am I kidding — SUMMER) evening!

These are perfect alone for a meal in itself.

Everything, except for the pasta, was actually very healthy.  And the best part, it was delicious, too!



  1. OMG..i want to eat that all RIGHT NOW. so good and healthy! go JOY!


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