Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yesterday evening, we were walking around in the front yard and we came across some limbs that you could tell didn't come from any of our trees, a milk carton and this...

insulation from someone's residence. 

It's heartbreaking.  This chunk of insulation measures a little more than a foot and I can only imagine which house this piece of insulation belonged to. If you have driven down HWY 514 from HWY 145, you can follow the destruction the tornado's track left.  It doesn't follow the actual road, but if you look to your left — you'll see the twisted trees with a new thinned out path from storm.  It never came off the ground once on the ground.

The house is only a short five minute drive from where the four individuals lost their life — along with many houses that are no longer or heavily damaged.  And seeing this piece of insulation makes you wonder how many other pieces of someone else's home is scattered throughout the community. 

This tremendous storm showed no mercy.  None of the storms that ripped through the south cared if it destroyed a small community or a large, thriving city.  However, no matter where the tornadoes ripped apart families and structures — what you will see now, three days after, are communities coming together to help pick up the pieces.  Communities are making sure that their neighbors know they are loved and that we do, care.  Please continue to pray for our neighbors and the other counties devastated.


  1. It's very sad. The term is insulation. ;)

  2. Thank you for pointing that out... it's now corrected. I didn't spell it right to begin with and then auto correct changed it to installation.


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