Helping kids with "no hair"

Saturday, April 9, 2011

On Tuesday, I was asked by this little four year old if I would give her some "monies" for the kids with "no hair."  Seriously, how can you say no to that or this face?

So out came the checkbook to give money to a great cause — St. Jude's Research Hopsital.

Yesterday was Anniston and Ava's preschool (Central United Methodist) annual St. Jude parade.  Each class comes up with a theme and they decorate their rooms to match that theme.  And on the last day of the week (yesterday) the classes dress up like their theme and they have a sidewalk parade down 23rd Ave and back up 22nd Ave. 

We decided not to tell the girls I was coming, so when Anniston's class came out the door to start the parade — she spotted me... it was over!  She wanted me to walk with her class in the parade.  So I got to snap a couple of pictures before I joined in with the kids and their parents to walk in the parade.  (Paula is teaching a class so she had to walk with her own class.)

Anniston's class were super heros... "Defenders Fighting for Cure!"

After the parade... (since when is it 90 degrees and 110% humidity in APRIL???!!!)

Ava's class were "Deep Diving for a Cure!"

After the parade was over and the "theme clothes" were changed, we went to O'Charleys for lunch.  And like normal, the girls were only interested in one thing — the rolls!  Oh to be that young again.  I guess Terry and I will have a rude awaking when we have kids.  =)

Enjoy your Saturday, y'all!!


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