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Friday, April 15, 2011

The South is known for being the birthplace of many different wonderful creations.  And these four brothers' idea of family working together in their very own business was a key decision in the Woods Brothers starting their own business named Peter's Pottery. The four brothers: Joseph, Arthur, Sandy, and Peter came  together to create unique works of art by combining talents and responsibility.  If you collect any kind of pottery, you will love this pottery. 

Next Wednesday, April 20th — you will have a chance to meet Peter Woods.  Peter is bringing a lot of his rabbits just in time for Easter and some other new pieces that have never been seen.  And if all of that wasn't enough, he will also sign any of his pieces.  Even if you bring them from home — he will be happy to sign them.

And all of this is taking place next Wednesday, April 20th at The Potting Shed in Philadelphia, Miss.  From 12 - 4, Peter will be there to sign his pieces and to talk with the fans of Peter's Pottery.  

If you don't have any of his pottery and would like to start your very own collection, The Potting Shed has an entire wall dedicated to his work and you can purchase your first piece that day.

This was my first piece of Peter's Pottery...

A dachshund from my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas one year.  And in 2009, I attended one of his signings at The Potting Shed and got to meet the creator of this piece and have him sign it for me.  
And, being the Mississippi State fans that we are, I gave Terry a signed bulldog designed by Peter's Pottery for Christmas in 2009.

So this is your chance.  Put it on your calendar and make the short drive to Philadelphia.  The Potting Shed has a lot of unique gift items that you are sure to love.  And if you can't make it next Wednesday, call Jenny, Nancy or Lisa and have them hold a piece for you and they will even get him to go ahead and sign it for you.  It's truly one of the best gifts anyone can get!

Happy shopping y'all!!!


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    That pottery is so neat and beautiful!

  2. wish I could go! I may have to drive up this weekend and look for something.

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  4. Love the pottery!! Your newest follower from the weekend blog hop :-)


  5. Peter obviously does some great work! Have a terrific weekend. Following you on Networked Blogs


  6. Talk of pottery, that's my family's age long business. I was born into it and I love it.
    Stopping by from Finding new friends weekend Blog Hop. Following you and would like to read more from you. Following me back will be great. Thanks.

  7. These photos are amazing- did you take them? You seem to have a great eye. I also love the photo of you and your husband, it's a beautiful shot.
    I discovered your blog from the weekend blog hop, and I really enjoyed it.

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