Praising the good Lord

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

 I'm thankful to be able to blog tonight.  The terrible weather had us all worried and upset, but thankfully from what we can see — we don't have any damage.  However, that isn't the case a mile from here.  And sadly, lives have been lost in our area from the tornadoes.  Please be in prayer for our wonderful South.

On to happier news, tonight we were celebrating with my neighbors on the birth of their son, Mason.  He was born in March, but I told them when they were ready — I would cook them any meal they wanted.  And they picked tonight with the menu of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and cornbread.  I fully intended to make brownie balls, but due to the weather — that didn't happen.

So, meet the little guy who helped me forget about all the bad weather 
and smile because he is truly a gift from God!

Little Mason Michael Hill.  I could eat him up, he is that precious!

And I got to snuggle with him while his parents ate their meal.  
And then his mama fed him his meal while we ate and he left like this...

Sacked out!

Sweet boy!  I can't wait for him to come back and visit so I can get my baby fix.  Oh and Marleigh, well she loves to lick his feet.  lol



  1. I"m glad ya'll are safe! how scary! the meal sounds amazing and that little boy is too precious!

  2. That baby is precious, makes me want a #3... maybe.

    As for the storms, it did get pretty scary. The Hubby is over in Clarke Co. right now helping.

    Dinner sounded wonderful.... And I'm still waiting on my toffee bars ;)


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