You never know what you'll find...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

 In my purse!

Earlier today, I didn't have my Hobo zipped and had to slam on the breaks due to someone who obviously didn't know how to drive — and all the contents fell out in the floor board.  Seriously, I didn't even remember half of the stuff I had in there.  Sad, but true.

I didn't take a picture of everything in there, because some things you just don't need to know about.  =)  But, here are some of the things that I will always keep in there...

 My Hobo wallet... and if you're wondering why would anyone pay that much for a wallet?  Well, it was given to me for Christmas in 2006 and over the years, it is still as good as new!!

 My glasses.  I don't wear them everyday, but I do wear them when I'm driving at night.

My hand lotion.  The absolute best hand lotion you will ever use.  Trust me on this!

Receipt.  Oh, Winn Dixie, how I love to spend my money with you!  Seriously, I think there was four different receipts from Winn Dixie which are now in the trash.

 My favorite gum, ever.  This gum is perfect for me.  It's not too big when it's being chewed and it has the perfect flavor.

 My business card holder.  You never know when you're gonna need to pass one of these out!

AND, something that I had forgotten that was in my Hobo which is now my favorite new accessory!
My lip gloss.  This layers great over your favorite lip stick and makes the lips luscious and so shiny!!

If you haven't looked in your purse lately to see what all you have, might I suggest doing so.  You NEVER know what you'll find!!  Happy digging, y'all!



  1. I love when we find things in our purse that we forget about! Glad other people's purses look like mine with all the receipts! Would love to see pictures of your gerbers!

  2. Oh man.....I am afraid to dump out my diaper back and see what is inside! I suspect a lot of crumbs-haha!

    Thanks for visiting me! New follower! =)

  3. P.S.-you doxie is super cute! Same coloring as my Gabi-I'm pretty sure Gabi outweighs her by quite a bit!

  4. girl... you should see the inside of my purse. Scary!


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