Happy Birthday Marleigh Belle

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eight years ago today, my little Marleigh Belle was born.  She was the runt of her litter and had an overbite, but she stole my heart when I first met her.  I didn't go to find me a puppy, I had gone with one of my best friends, Paula to help her pick out one.  However, I couldn't leave without her.  Out of all the pups, she had nothing to do with anyone or anything — just me.  She needed me, and I needed her.

When I got her home, I didn't have dog food, bowls, toys, puppy pads — nothing.  So, we went to my parents house for the night and my brother was home, too.  He and I played with her and loved on her and my mom wouldn't have anything to do with her.  Needless to say, that changed quickly.  Now, she is granny's girl.  

My parents have her half of the week and she is with me the other half.  Terry is allergic to her, so we are making the transition for her to live with my parents, her papa and granny, full time after we move in together.  She LOVES it.  She is my baby, but she is also theirs.  Last week I took her to their house and my dad said, "there's my little buddy!"  My parents are only a twenty-five minute drive to the south so we will be able to see her all the time.

So... with today being her birthday — I broke out the "baby book" to see pictures when I first got her.  And now, I want to share them with you.  It's amazing how little she was the first year.

        This was the day after I got her.  Our first picture together!

Just a little baby.

Her little 2 lb. self and we questioned it, but yes, she did grown into her length.

All stretched out sunning in the grass.

And then the personality came out... and her love for bones and the use of her paws.

In her favorite spot, under all the covers.

Her first collar.  I still have it in her closet.

It amazes me how much she has grown from how little she was eight years ago.  Today, her granny and papa are coming over to celebrate her birthday.  I'll post pictures later.

Happy Birthday Marleigh Belle!  
You are spoiled rotten, so loving and yet demanding, but we wouldn't have it any other way.



  1. oh she is so so cute! I love doxie puppies. And mine do the same thing with their paws!! Happy Birthday Marleigh Belle!!

  2. Oh yeah, and I still have G&G's first collars too. =)

  3. she is so precious. I'm ready to get the girls a puppy, but the hubs keeps telling me no. He better watch out... i tricked him into getting a cat and I bet I can trick him on a dog too.

  4. She's adorable!!! Happy Birthday Marleigh Belle!!

  5. Oh my! She is precious!!!! Happy birthday Marleigh Belle!

  6. She is adorable! Happy Birthday Marleigh Belle!
    following you from the Thursday Blog hop! Would love to have you follow me back at http://nonasnotes.blogspot.com
    Best to you!

  7. precious post!!! i love the pictures of her as a baby and now! she is a doll and so lucky to have you all as well!!!!


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