Relay for Life

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's their second round of chemo treatments and as you sit there trying to be chipper for the person you're supporting, you can't help but wonder, why?  Why this person?  He/she is involved in church activities, goes to the doctor for yearly check-ups and is an all around healthy person with a bright future ahead.  Why? 

The answer is unknown. 

Cancer doesn't look at your good deeds, medical records or care about all your future plans — and we all know it doesn't discriminate.  I personally do not know what it feels like to hear the words, "you have cancer."  However, I do know what it feels like to get that unexpected phone call.  You know, the one where you think, this is either good news or bad news because they don't normally call at this time of the day.  As you listen to the person on the other end of the line tell you their disturbing news, you start to feel numb, helpless.  And just like the newest cancer victim, the first thing you want to know the prognosis.  I'm sure they feel like they are starting to sound like a broken record explaining again and again what type of cancer it is, the date they will have surgery and what kind of treatments after surgery they will have to endure. 
The best part of that conversation is this:  we are going to beat this!

Today, cancer is not a death sentence.  Cancer is treatable and beatable.  And cancer will not prevail!!  This is the case for most cancer patients/survivors.  But, we shouldn't forget those who did lose the battle.

As Relay for Life comes around full circle this Friday evening, I can't help but think of my favorite part of the festivities — the luminary ceremony.  This is a time to remember and honor those fighting the battle and for those who fought but didn't conquer.  During the darkness of the night, the names of those in memory and in honor light up the night.  First, we remember those who put up a brave fight.

My paternal grandmother, Johnnie Henson, and my uncle, Jim Henson, will be two of the names read during this time.  And as those names are called out, I will remember.  The memories of mamaw's cornbread and how I use to play in her only pair of high heel shoes — and the hospital visits as she was hooked up to machines fighting to her last breathe.  The memories of uncle Jim letting me play his drums even though I played badly and way too loud — and taking him McDonald's milkshakes to his hospital room because he loved them so much.

And then we honor those who give us a glimmer of hope.  As the names of survivors are spoken into the microphone and sound throughout the loudspeakers, you cry tears of joy and want to shout out praise the Lord, another year with this battle is won! 

This weekend is Mother's Day, but it is also Lauderdale County's Relay for Life.  Northeast Park is the place to be this Friday night.  Yes, you are guaranteed a great time, but more importantly you are helping to support the efforts to put a stop to cancer.

This year's theme is "In it to WIN it."  Now I ask this, are you?  

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  1. How wonderful! I mean to blog about my relay experience. We just had our's (Jackson) last Friday night and it was amazing. My little team did so wonderfully well and it was such an awesome experience to be apart of!!!! Thank you for sharing this! I think everyone should be involved with Relay for Life!


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