10 things that have me smiling today

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

 These are in no particular order...
  •  a good workout at the gym
  •  cooking a southern meal
  •  knowing that vacation is just a few days away
  •  redneck sunbathing
  •  red velvet cake yogurt
  •  hearing one of my favorite songs on the radio
  •  the way he loves me
  •  thinking about the future
  •  fresh garden vegetables
  •  a great pedicure
What is making you smile today??

"The world is extremely interesting to a positive person."


  1. New follower via I luv Blogging Wednesday blog hop. Hope you will follow me too.

  2. ok... I need to know what redneck sunbathing is

  3. HAHA — it's pulling out the lounge chair on the concrete, having a fan blowing directly on you with a spray water bottle to keep you cool. The pool we are members of is 30 minutes away... and we have been SOO dang busy that this was the only way of getting any sun before leaving for the beach next week! =)

  4. those are all *GREAT* things!!!!!


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