2011 Beach Vacation... had to end

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Sunday, we left the beach headed back home.  Our five days at the beach didn't last long enough, but the memories will last a lifetime.

For the past two years, we have been entertained by "sticks" swooping down to get fish and walking up and down the pier.  We hope to see him again next year...

And I'll never forget the memory of watching Terry and Richie take the girls out in the ocean with the big waves...

Terry even got me out there to "jump" the waves.  Maybe next year I won't scream every time I see something in the water.  =)

After leaving the beach, we stopped in to do a "little" shopping at Foley.  We planned to stay for an hour and a half — however, it turned into a four hour shopping spree!  We found lots of a good deals and had fun shopping together. 

Once we returned home that evening, we walked in to find this...

Yes, the beam in the living room fell at some point and time while we were gone.

The beam wasn't a support beam — just a decorative beam that also held the light fixture and the fan.

We are glad we weren't there when it fell, because I sit on the couch right where it landed.  After cleaning up all the glass and getting the broken beam outside, we were finally able to unload the truck and get ready for the work week.  I'm happy to report that the new beam and light fixture with ceiling fan is going to be installed tomorrow! 

The beach trip was great, and so was all the eating and shopping — however, next year I'll be happy if we don't come home to any house damage!

Now, when do we leave for the beach again?  =)



  1. The beach looks so nice right about now! Sorry about that beam falling- what a sight to come home to!

  2. That is not the welcome you want when you get home is it? At least no one was there for it to land on. Welcome back!

  3. Oh my!! Sorry about the beam, and yes you were blessed not be sitting there when it happened!!

    Those waves are big! So glad y'all had fun!

  4. Your vacation sounds like it was a lot of fun and relaxation! Vacations never last long enough! I hated that you had to come home to the beam, but glad that it will be fixed tomorrow! ~Haven

  5. Sticks is such a gorgeous bird - love the picture! It's always so sad when vacations end, but it looks like this one was really fun so it was worth it :D

  6. Ooh! That damage isn't pretty. One year when we went to the beach & were gone for 3 weeks, our whole basement flooded & it took 6 months to restore the house! Consider yourselves lucky. I'm a new follower. =]

  7. Wow!!! That is a really good thing that you weren't there when it fell!!


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