The big 3-0 day

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I survived, turning 30 that is.  It really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  After having fun Friday and Saturday with friends it was time to celebrate with the family.  Saturday before the party, Terry informed me that we had plans Sunday evening and Monday.  He surprised me with dinner at MIKO Steakhouse and a night's stay at Pearl River Resort to lounge around the pool for my actual birthday.  So, we packed a bag, who am I kidding, we had 4, yes 4 bags for one night.

Sunday morning before we left the house — Terry called me out of the bathroom where I was getting ready to come see this...

I'm always asking Terry "where are my pancakes" and since I've never asked him to "make me pancakes," he just bought me the box and said, "here is your pancakes."  Gotta love his sense of humor.

Sunday at lunch, we celebrated with the Sowell's.  Judy cooked my favorite meal and even had a yummy cheesecake made for my birthday.  I swear, it melted in my mouth — it was that good and that creamy!  As if the meal and the cheesecake wasn't enough, his parents and his brother's family gave me gift cards.  I can't wait to spend them!

We left their house headed straight to the casino.  And we had planned to head to the pool after checking in, however, the events from the days before had me exhausted and all I wanted to do was nap.  So, Terry let me sleep until it was time to get ready for our dinner at MIKO Steakhouse.  The food was divine, as always, and we even enjoyed a dessert together.  It was wayyyy too big for us to finish off, but we tried...

I'll start from the bottom: brownie, ice cream, brownie, whipped cream with a caramelized sugar sculpture.
Monday, my actual birthday.  We got up and went down to the pool to relax and soak up some rays.  After we laughed at a few of the folks "sunbathing" (this couple was putting lemon in their hair and on his chest hair — I'm not talking about the juice, I'm talking about the entire lemon after he pealed it!) we went back up to the room to shower to get ready to leave.  Before we left, we had lunch at The Villa.

Once home, Terry unloaded the truck and gave me my birthday present.  I was completely shocked when I opened the box!!

New camera and camera bag!
He got me a new camera that is awesome and a new camera bag!!  I couldn't believe it when I opened it.  And, of course, the sweetest card!

We brought it with us last night to dinner at Weidmann's.  It takes wonderful pictures.  These pictures were taken with the new camera...

Terry and I enjoying Weidmann's.
My sweet parents.
Before leaving our wonderful dinner at Weidmann's.
Well, this picture would have been perfect if mom's eyes weren't closed!!

My dad asked me if I felt any older last night and I told him, no.  The only thing different is the fact that I want and feel like I need to take a nap every day.  Dad said, "welcome to my world."  =)

The past four days have been a blast celebrating my birthday.  Thank you all for your birthday wishes!  And now, the countdown is on til Terry's!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!



  1. well, all i can say is that i hope my 30th is an ounce as good as yours was! if only i could find me a man for my 30th. LOL! Love you girl! so happy you had the best 4 days!

  2. so true about the naps! I think I've taken more the past 5yrs of my 30's than I ever did as a kid! haha

    You are SO blessed to have family and friends that love you so!!! Happy Birthday! Again! :o)

  3. Lauren Amber JamesJuly 1, 2011 at 10:09 AM

    I'm so glad you had a great birthday!!! :) Oh & I LOVE your dress!


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