Daylily blooms in my yard

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daylilies are something that I remember growing and blooming around the house in the summer.  Mom always had a few different flower beds of nothing but beautiful, colorful daylilies.  My house in Jackson was landscaped when I bought it and I just had them do the normal landscaping of bushes and azaleas.  And still to this day that is all it has except the addition of crepe myrtles that we planted while I was living there.

My house here had a large flower bed around the front porch and sidewalk, but the flowers they had planted were not my style.  So, my first summer here — my mom transplanted some of her daylilies to my beds.

Here are three pictures of the ones blooming, now.




  1. Beautiful! I love it;)

  2. Your daylilies are finally here! I know that you are excited! They are so beautiful, and will make great flower arrangements especially on those days you need a pick me up! I spent the mornng weeding and checking out what has bloomed or died since I was gone for a week! Will post pictures soon! Keep your pictures coming of all the beautiful colors!


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