Happy Birthday Richie

Monday, June 13, 2011

Okay, let's see if I can get everyone up dated since my last post.

Last Tuesday, we left for our 2011 Beach Vacation with the Sowell's.  Terry's parents got there the Friday before with his nieces and their parents came on later that evening.  We got down there just in time to celebrate Richie's birthday on Tuesday at Shipps Island Thyme.  Terry and I got the filet mignon dishes with port wine sauce and it was DIVINE!  One of the tenderest steaks we have ever had. 

The meals came adorned with beautiful flowers and unique plating.  (I hate I didn't take a picture of our plates.)  And after the meal, Emma Kate wanted her daddy to feel special on his birthday, so he got a piece of pie with a candle to blow out!

And Emma got to wear my flower...

So, first night at the beach — WONDERFUL and so happy to be on vacation!!


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  1. We had our vacation thursday - sunday... I hated to come home! :o)

    Have fun!! :o)


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