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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today, I was asked to lunch by my nieces.  And since we stay so busy and I hadn't seen them in almost two weeks — I changed my plans to have lunch with them.  I was told to meet them at O'Charleys.  When I pulled up, this is what greeted me...

Little stinker Ava Lynn... is she not precious?  She wanted to wear the goggles inside, but we begged for her not to. 

Once inside, the girls told me Happy Birthday.  No, my birthday isn't today — but it is this month.  And since we leave for the beach next week and the rest of the month is packed full... they decided to celebrate with me, today.  It was a sweet surprise! 


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  1. how precious!!! what a special day for you! i hope your birthday month rocks!


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