Recap of 30th Birthday Party

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For some reason, blogger decided to delete over 2/3's of my post last night.  After working on it for over an hour — I just decided to go to bed.  

So, let's try this again!!

I'm still loving 30 on this the day after my birthday, although, I'm exhausted.  Guess "old age" is catching up with me. 

Saturday, June 25th, Terry threw me a 30th birthday party at Angie and Mark's house.  It was a great way to celebrate and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Enjoy ALL the pictures!  lol

Ready to celebrate with friends.
Group shot (minus Derek because he was taking the pic) before we ate.
Terry and me with the wonderful host and hostess!!
Getting birthday sugars from my love.

The cake Terry surprised me with made by Carol Fanning.
Me and Abby after eating outside and glistening.
Me and bubba (my brother, Brian)
Jeremy, me and Kristen
Dylan, Elizabeth and me
Jeremy and Kristen Hill — they left their newborn baby with the grands to come out and celebrate with me.
Dylan and Elizabeth Anderson — all of Elizabeth's family was in town, but they came and celebrated with me.
Hated to cut the beautiful cake, but it tasted SOOO good!
The guys of the party — minus Mark.
The girls of the party.

Terry — thank you for making sure my 30th birthday was fun and exciting.  You thought of everything and made sure I stayed smiling.  I enjoyed being spoiled all weekend long and appreciate all the extras you did for me.  You are the best and I'm fortunate and overjoyed to call you mine!  I love you, always!!!

Angie and Mark — thank you for hosting my party.  Your home is amazingly beautiful and you both are the true meaning of Southern Hospitality.  Terry and I are so happy to have such a beautiful, loving couple as best friends.  We couldn't ask for two better people to enjoy life with.  Angie — thank you for going the extra mile for me.  Ten years as best friends as you know me like the palm of your hand!  Mark — even though it was 100 degrees, you still stood over that grill and made some mean burgers!!  We love you both.  Thanks again y'all (even Reggie and Biscuit) for everything!

Abby, Elizabeth, Dylan, Brian, Jeremy, Kristen & Derek — I know y'all all had other places you could have been, but you chose to help me celebrate my birthday.  Your friendships are like non other and I was so happy to celebrate and laugh with y'all all night.  Thanks for showing this girl how much she is loved. 



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time, and that cake is awesome!! Happy Birthday Friend!

  2. Sounds like a great birthday! Your hubby is a great birthday party planner :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Joy! It seems like you had a great day. My 30th is this year as well in the beginning of August. I have to tell you I LOVE your dress where did you get it if you don't mind me asking?

  4. Sounds like you had a GREAT birthday weekend. Glad you had fun.... Loved all the pics.... LOVE the cake.... and may use it as inspiration for a future cake in my world. :o)

    Google not cooperating so I am on as annoymous AGAIN!!!! Stopping by from

  5. What a sweet birthday! Your cake was gorgeous!


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