Way back when

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back during my childhood days, I spent my summers outside.  I slept in (because I've always loved and needed my sleep), I ate my lunch outside (usually consisted of a banana sandwich), and I came in when there wasn't enough daylight to ride the bike anymore.  Some afternoons we would head to the local watering hole to cool off and wouldn't come out until our skin looked like prunes.

I used the rake because I always wanted to make a road for me to ride my bike on and sweat didn't bother me.  When I was thirsty, I turned on the water hose and drank the unfiltered, lukewarm water.  I had mosquito bites on me all throughout summer, yet somehow I never worried about a disease it might give me.  I simply dabbed them with Clorox and they didn't bother me anymore.  When the garden came in, I shelled peas and watched Old Yeller and The Apple Dumpling Gang over and over and over again.  And when it was just my mom and I shelling, I would put in a VHS tape of the previous year's dance recital and relive that long night of great costumes.  And while swimming, we used sunscreen, but didn't have skin cancer on our minds the entire time we were there.

Today's children endure the hot summer months differently than I use to.  Most do not drink from the water hose and some do not even know what a rake is.  Garden food has been replaced by fast food and old movies are no longer watched.  They don't go outside without bug spray on and sweat, what is that?  Most attend two or three vacation bible schools and other week long summer camps the area has to offer.  And the rest of the time, most are usually inside playing computer and video games. 

The times may have changed, but summer fun is always welcome — however, the extreme temperatures are usually not.  This summer, spend time outside with your family and show them what you use to do when you were their age.  They will be amazed at some of the activities you use to do.

Stay cool, hydrated and most importantly, stay safe this summer!


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