Mar Belle and her toy

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mar Belle came to visit last night and I shot this video of her playing with her new toy.
It's hard not to love this little cutie! 

Of course, when I played the video back on the camera, she kept wanting to attack the camera because she could hear it "squeaking."   Silly girl!



  1. I was smiling through this entire video. She is SO cute!!!! I just love her dark eyes!

  2. My dog does the same thing, although usually she tears her toys apart after about 5 minutes of playing!

  3. Oh my word!!! She's so cute!!!!

    We have to hide the squeaky toys from Brandi... She wants to protect them like babies and if Beckham gets to close, she'll nip at him! :o)

  4. I love watching dogs playing with their toys! Mar Belle seemed to really enjoy her new toy! What would we do with out babies? Also, great job on the cleaning out! It is amazing how much we collect between moves! Moving is one of my least favorite jobs! Good luck!

  5. very cute, following you, follow me back please:


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