What have you left?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We've all done it — left something behind at the hotel only to realize it after you have returned home.  I use to be really bad about this, but now Terry goes behind me to make sure it's all grabbed and packed away before we head to check out.  I almost left my iPhone charger this past weekend — thankfully, he reminded me and I did not.

Now, sometimes I will leave shampoo, body wash, razor, etc. if I brought them in travel size.  But, I think the worst thing I have ever left was my pillow at the beach back in the early 2000s.  Yes, I travel with my pillow pretty much every where we go (especially places we have never stayed, because you never know what kind of pillow you will get).  Fortunately, we were staying at a condo at the beach and I knew another family staying there after we left so I called management and they gave it to her.

But, I have to wonder — what have you left behind?  Did you go back for it?  How far down the road did you realize it was not with you? 

I can't wait to read your comments!! 


  1. I take my pillow too & usually a blanket! I can't remember if I've left something when headed home, but one time when I was little I didn't pack underwear for a trip to my grandparents! Oops!

  2. Hi, here from To The Top Tuesday. I manage a hotel and you would be shocked at the things that people leave behind. Laptops, cell phone, coach purses, personal vibrational devices, etc. You name it, I've seen it. :)

  3. My daughter left her bear at a hotel we stayed at during a vacation. She was only about 8yrs old. Jon called the hotel and had them mail it to us. She was so happy to get it back!

  4. I'm the same way... I take my pillow everywhere. I left mine in Woodstock, VA in 2004 and I still have not recovered from the loss. I didn't realize I had forgotten it till about 300 miles down the road. I called the hotel and they said they would ship it to me if I would pay for it. Classy.

  5. the other day my youngest dropped his only other matching sandal... needless to say; we got home THEN realized, no we did not go venturing out to find it either :(

  6. Thankfully I haven't left anything by accident. I usually will take my own soap, because as a bigger individual hotel soap just doesn't cut it! I also will take my own pillow. I am very good about after putting everything in my car to go back and recheck the room, around the bed, drawers, bathroom, etc. I think that being single and having no children makes traveling a bit easier on me!


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