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Thursday, August 4, 2011

 Growing up in Meridian, I've met a lot of people.  Making my career in Meridian, I've met even more people.  Meridianites are some of the friendliest people in Mississippi.  Most have that southern charm and drawl and never meet a stranger.  We love our city and surrounding communities and welcome fresh faces to enjoy our "home."

With the Naval Air Station (NAS) in my hometown, it gives me the opportunity to meet the new people who are stationed here training, working, or even visiting.  Attending events, I usually get asked two questions from people I'm meeting for the first time:  1 — "what are you taking our picture for" and  2 — "what other events are there to attend in this town."  And I have to tell you, that is the best part about my job — letting people know what is happening in and around Meridian.

If you were to Google Meridian, you will find some facts about Meridian:  it is the home of the father of country music, Jimmie Rodgers; it is an old railroad town which was once one of the fastest growing towns in the Deep South; and it is the home of Peavy Electronics and founder, Hartley Peavy.  Meridian is also known as wonderful place to retire; however, it is also a great place to start a family and begin a career, too.

Meridian and the surrounding area has many things to keep your week and weekends busy:  The MSU Riley Center is kicking off their 6th season with many acts you will not want to miss; the Twenty59 concert coming in October; The Meridian Little Theatre opens their 79th season in October; and we can't forget the return of soccer and football for all you sports families out there.  There is always something fun and entertaining happening in my hometown and I'm proud to bring you the highlights from these events in 393. 


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