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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Okay my bloggy friends, I need suggestions on my next reading adventure.  I have about ten chapters left before I finish "The Help" and I want something to start on when I'm done.  If you have read "The Help" you will understand what I'm about to ask for.  I want something as equally entertaining and enjoyable as it was and one that will have me longing for time to read more.

Now, fill me in — I have faith that y'all will have some great suggestions!  Thanks in advance.




    check it out!

  2. I read The Book Thief after I read The Help. I was not disappointed. I also just read the much hyped Hunger Games and could not put that down. So now I am reading book two of that trilogy.

  3. Sarah's Key is good too.

    I've found that after I've read a really good book (like The Help) I have to switch categories to feel satisfied again.

  4. Did you know she got over 50 rejections when she sent out "The Help" to try and get it published?? She's a lesson in never giving up on something you believe in. I want to read it! But I'm in the middle of Karen Kingsbury's Redemption Series... oh, it will suck you in for sure! :o0

  5. Ok so this is a totally different category, but if you like inspirational feel good books Crazy Love is wonderful!! It changed me, seriously!!

  6. I am hurrying through the book so I can go see the movie!!!


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