Doggie Halloween Costumes

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Darby over at Life with the Hawley's posted today about dog collars and which ones she would be getting for her sweet little Tomlin to wear.  So, in an email chat we were having about the collars and Tomlin's future Halloween costume, I told her about Marleigh and her past Halloween costumes.  So Darby, this post is for you and Tomlin. 

We don't "force" her wear these anymore since she had her surgery in 2009, but it was so funny to watch her in these costumes back in the day.  Now, she just has a shirt she wears that reads, "too cute to be scary."



  1. Love this! Before I got married, Tootsie had a costume every Halloween. She loved it! I would take her for a walk around the neighborhood before the kids came out, and I swear that she held her head a little higher and wanted everyone to comment on her costume. I love MB's smile in these pictures! She looks like she is enjoying it!


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