Mar Belle's nightly routine

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I've mentioned a couple of times just how much of a personality Marleigh Belle has and last night, I was finally able to capture it on video.

This is her nightly routine of begging for her greenie.  Mom said she always wants two and sometimes three at her house (I think it's because she knows she can get away with it there) however, she only gets one at my house and this is what I listen to until I get up and get one for her.  FYI — every time she looks behind her or to the right, that is where the closet is that houses those wonderful greenie's of hers.  (And please forgive the voice, yes it's me baby talking to her!  After all, she IS the baby!)

And after all that begging, this is how she enjoys it! I guess she need to learn some manners… she is just a smacking while she enjoys it.



  1. SO precious!! And can you just imagine how much your mom is gonna let her grandkids get away with?? ;)

  2. Oh my Lord! That is so precious! Her cute little face and whine awwwwwwww I couldn't resist her! I think I'd have to give her 3 greenies too!

  3. What a precious baby! I love watching the "baby's" ears go up when they realize they are about to get something they want. It is so funny to see the pleading in their eyes!

    Love my comment yesterday! You are too much!

  4. How cuteee!!! You have an adorable puppy! I WANT ONE!! hehe

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    Have a great weekend <3


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