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Friday, August 26, 2011

Yesterday afternoon we made a quick trip to Hattiesburg, Miss. to their local Fastenal.  Terry had to drop one of his trucks at their store and I followed to pick him up so we could head back home.  However, before left — we decided to have a dinner date in a city that we never visit.

I posted on facebook asking for suggestions and we got a few good ones:  Tabella's & Brownstone's.  But, we asked the Fastenal employees at the Hattiesburg store and they suggested anything around Walnut Circle, and it was close.  So we set out to Walnut Circle which was two miles away.

We ended up stopping at Walnut Circle Grill and we were thinking since it was a "grill" it would be casual and laid back.  Boy were we wrong.

We walked in and were seated in what we called a fancy "grill."  It was beautiful inside.  You could tell this building had been restored to make this a nice, quaint restaurant.

My hot date for the evening... (we were one of two couples there)

We ordered our food and were served hot bread with a garlic/oil paste.  The bread was tough, but the garlic/oil paste was delicious!

We decided on filet mignon for our dinner.  It came with mashed potatoes and vegetables.  I ordered my steak medium/well and Terry ordered his medium.  They were cooked perfectly.  The only thing missing was a port wine sauce or a hollandaise sauce.  If either one of those would have been paired with the steak, it would have been one of our top three steaks, ever.   

We were in and out in less than an hour and were stuffed on our ride back home.  Next time we are in the big city of Hattiesburg, we plan to try out Tabella's.



  1. What a beautiful restaurant! and OMG that food is making my mouth water! And its lunch time and no food for me!! I'll pretend im eating that delicious steak right now! hehe

  2. Oh my goodness, Joy! That dinner looks amazing! I will definitely have to keep this place in mind in case I'm ever passing through.

  3. Looks beautiful! When I 1st saw the logo I thought it said Walnut Circle Girl! Whew! I am not even dyslexic!


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