Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, September 1, 2011

We all have friends or maybe it would be better to call them acquaintances.  The kind of friends that we speak to when we happen to see them from time to time or if something happens to them we pick up the phone and call them to see if everything is already.  But a true friend, they know something is wrong before you even say it or post it on facebook.  They call you at just the right time when you truly need someone.  They ask how you are doing before spilling their guts about their life.  These are your true friends.  I'm blessed with some of the most amazing true friends a person could have.  And, I'm even more thankful that these true friends of mine consider me theirs as well.  True friends don't come around very often, so hold on to them with both hands and tell them just how much they are appreciated. 

Now, isn't this the truth.  Can you imagine what our bill would be if our friends charged?  This goes back to the Thursday Thought above — being a true friend is also being a "good" friend.  Give them about five minutes of your time and they can solve most of your problems.  And usually the sessions are over lunch or dinner, not laying on a couch.  =)  And the best part is they are honest, they tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.  I've been on the receiving end of this and been the giver of this — again, being a true friend is giving and taking.  It has to go both ways or it's a one way friendship.  

Maybe I should give you some examples...

1 — Love
2 — Health
3 — Family
4 — Friends

Even though you may think those new shoes are the best thing that happened to you, they will be nothing to you in a few weeks.  But, love, health, family & friends — they are the best and they get better and better each day.



  1. What a beautiful post and so very true! When it comes down to it all you need is love, health, family, and friends! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Needed this today!


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