Diamond Jim's

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who doesn't love a fun night out with friends?  Well, last night we met our friends, the Van Doren's, at Diamond Jim's in Livingston, Ala. for a little pre-union fun before the twenty year high school reunion tonight.

After having a yummy meal, the guys talked about their memories of high school and I think we laughed off all the calories we had just eaten.  The one thing these guys have that they didn't in high school.... their amazing ladies....

Terry has been looking at his high school yearbooks all morning... I can't wait to hear all the old stories relived tonight! 


  1. ahhhhh anything with the word peaks my interest Joy! Seriously, I think you and Terry are such a *gorgeous* couple!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I am sure you had a whale of a time at the reunion. Have a good Sunday.


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