Game Day... Female Version

Saturday, October 8, 2011

How a female views it... by me. 

It’s Game Day, and I've already been thinking about/planning for this for a few days.  The menu was decided, the groceries have been purchased, now what in the world do I start to cook first?  How many coolers should we bring?  One for hot food and one for cold?  How many people are tailgating with us?  Honey, do you think the Smith's will make it to the tailgate?  I don't want his wife seeing me copy her tailgate menu from last week.  Oh no, did I remember to buy white napkins?  No, honey, we can't use the "Happy Birthday" napkins from your 40th birthday party. Why in the world am I still in this bed? I've got to get a move on it or nothing will be done with this hair.
Two hours before we leave and I can't believe he is still glued to that TV.  If only the announcer on ESPN could call out my measurements for salt and pepper. Wait a minute how much paprika did I just pour in?
The food is in the oven and I've got to get in the shower. Honey, when the timer goes off will you pull the dip out of the oven? No answer, just the game announcer shouting TOUCHDOWN and then I hear, "WHAT? Y'all better review that play!" Is it humid outside? What will the temperature be when the game begins?  Wait, 57 degrees by halftime — I don't own a white long sleeve shirt and it's a white out game!  With rollers in my hair, I run to see if he pulled out the dip. Thankfully the game was on a commercial break and my dip didn't over bake!
I turn the TV off, otherwise the car will never be loaded.  I'm sure we will be the last ones at our tailgate. Now why did I volunteer to bring all this food?  An hour and a half on the highway with SEC football on XM, not a word is spoken except, "Slow down there's a speed trap ahead." As we pull onto campus the excitement of Game Day is in the air. We're finally at our tailgate only to find we forgot our chairs — thankfully our friends brought more. The kids throw the football around as the ladies take pictures. I love seeing all our friends drop by for a visit.
It’s sad to pack it all up but the time has come to march our way in to the stadium zone. The team is pumped and the fans are all cheering. Why in the world did our stadium neighbors give their seats to our game day enemies?  The band is playing, the cowbells are ringing and yes, I could have gotten away wearing my maroon sweater.  Ready for the game clock to start, it's here at last.  This is what we live for, it's game day at last.

To read the male version, click here!!  And a huge thanks to a wonderfully, amazing friend, Leilani Salter for taking the photo above at the MSU/LSU game a few weeks ago.


  1. I LOVE this!!!!!! Hilarious and sooooo true!

  2. Bahaha...are you sitting at your house or mine on game day??? Except add trying to get the 9 year old out from in front of the tv long enough to get dressed and find his cap...again. Wrestle the 9 month old into her cheer outfit and try for the bazillionth time to convince her that yes, that great big bow on her head is indeed supposed to be there, and to quit pulling it off, lol.


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